Yesterday, I made a CLAFOUTIS... and I served it with a LAMB CHOP?
You read well, a CLAFOUTIS with a LAMB SHOP!
Yes, but not a "normal" clafoutis: a clafoutis "simply" made with eggplant, olives and goat cheese, plus a little bit of flour and an egg.
Really delicious, and beyond my best expectations... Well, the truth is that I didn't have that many expectations, except having fun and improvise a little bit, since I never had that and I never thought of that before yesterday evening, when facing a quite empty fridge: the only fresh ingredients were the eggs from our chicken that are back to work and a big eggplant given to us by a friend, but when I say big, I mean big, translate a bit cotton-like inside. Hence the idea to use only the outside pulp, skin it (I kept the rind to make some "chips"), cut it in dices, sautée them for 5 minutes in herb-flavored olive oil before puréeing them with garlic clove, goat cheese (the creamy/runny inside of an old bûcheron goat cheese), add an egg and around 5 tsp. of flour, mix the whole, add olive halves, pour it in those bottomless round cooking molds, place a couple of olives and the goat cheese rind on top, respectively for the "clafoutis" effect and for a "gratin" effect, and bake those clafoutis for around 20 minutes at around 400F.
The funny thing is that, although I didn't put any yeast, they rose a little bit, not like a soufflé, but yes, they swelled out of the mold and they had a very pleasant and smooth texture...

Honestly, with a (frozen) lamb chop and a brunoise of a surviving tomato half and chopped olives, it made a perfect empty fridge dinner.