Sisteron-Orcières-Merlette, 09/01/2020


Fourth stage yesterday, Sisteron to Orcières-Merlette, a ski resort -yes, this was an arrival at the top- in the Hautes-Alpes. Slovenian racers finished 1st and 2nd (not that surprising as the same finished in the same position of the Vuelta GC in Spain last year!). The Frenchman Alaphilippe keeps the yellow jersey, but all the main contenders remain within a very short time difference or, if you allow me, there is no gap as the race starts from Gap this morning.
Two specialties for the price of one today, the Ravioles and the Tourtons du Champsaur (Champsaur is the name of the valley in the North of Gap, on the road to Orcières-Merlette):
  • Ravioles du Champsaur: despite its name, this is not at all a raviole (the French word for raviolo), but more a croquette made of mashed potatoes, fresh local cheese (as obviously I disd't have any, I used fresh goat cheese that brings a similar texture and a cheesy taste that I could not have in ricotta for instance), flour, egg, anf garlic and herbs. The whole is shaped by hands like little cylinders and deep fried a couple of minutes. It is served with a salad, or surprisngly enough, as it is a savory dish with honey or wild berry jam. I made a conpromise: I served them with a salad and a honey/lime/olive oil dressing!
  • Tourton du Champsaur: those are shaped like ravioli, but they are named tourton, which means little tourt. But don't be mislead by their shapes, they are not pasta, but a classical pastry stuffed with potato/cheese, meat, prunes or apples. Then, I fill them with the mix leftover from the Ravioles.
They were both delicious!
During the Tour de France, combining two of my passions, biking and cooking, I will try to present (almost) every day a recipe from the route followed by the peloton.