Eggplant steak au poivre, eggplant fries, eggplant cognac sauce...

Eggplant is very versatile. I recently posted a recipe of eggplant bourguignon with no beef, and I also made savory eggplant olive clafoutis and a apple/eggplant/whipped cream dessert last year...
This is why I imagined this eggplant steak au poivre, and I should say that after 3 tries, I got something really worth the (little quantity of) efforts.
I used 1 medium size eggplant per serving:
. the central part, the "steak", was simply seared in olive oil on each side, I let melt some parmesan cheese chip on the top (for the taste and for "holding" the peppercorns), and I covered the top (unlike the real au poivre, on one side only) with a mix of pink and Szechuan pepper corns and of chopped grilled duck bacon (optional, if you want a totally vegan dish),
. I made fries with the thickest parts of the trims, coated with flour and deep-fryed in olive oil,
. and with the trims of the trims, I cut them in dices, sautéed them with garlic and herbs in olive oil, puréed them in a blender, heated up some Cognac in a saucepan, added the eggplant purée, and liquefied it a bit with half & half (or heavy cream).

Absolutely delicious...
For the classical steak au poivre recipe, click here.